A Car that has a working engine, a healthy battery, a properly connected electrical system to start the engine, and is full of gas has all the necessary conditions for running. Yet parking lots are full of cars that have the necessary conditions but are not running. although they have the necessary conditions, they lack sufficient conditions. Cars that are moving down the street have necessary and sufficient conditions for running—that is why they are moving. What do the moving cars have that the parked cars do not? They have drivers. And what is a driver? It is a being that is not part of the car, that has the power to start the car, that does not rely on the car for its existence, does not rely on anything outside of itself to be able to operate the car, and has the will to start and direct the car. And if they are particularly clever they may have even built the car. Thus, the universe needs a driver, an intelligent agent that is capable of choosing whether to create the universe or not. This necessary and sufficient cause of the universe is what we call God.   – Doug Powell