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Evidence For the Existence of God – William Lane Craig


  1. TruthOverfaith

    Let’s not forget this beautiful evidence for the existence of God:
    Cancer, AIDS, Smallpox, The Black Plague, Malaria, Cystic Fibrosis, Alzheimers, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Floods,etc.,etc.,etc.,
    Do you have a guess as to the number of birth defects that cause suffering and death to millions of innocent children?
    Here’s one for you. The CMV virus. It’s passed from mother to child during pregnancy. It causes the child to eventually become quadriplegic, blind and deaf. And then the child dies.
    Can I get a praise Jeezus!!!!!

  2. amurra15

    Diseases exist because of the fall of man. The Good News is that God was rich in mercy enough to sacrifice Himself on a cross to die for your sins and your evident logical fallacies. So, compared to what Jesus endured on the cross for YOUR evil, YOUR sin, YOUR shortcomings, you have no right to be complaining about the evil that exists. Sin is not God’s fault, it is YOUR own fault. YOU are responsible for your own actions and acts against a Holy God. Maybe instead of complaining about the evil in the world why not be godly and help them out? Or are you too self-centered, pious and double-minded to do so? Well, that’s where the Gospel comes in: Jesus had to be sacrificed in order for the curse of sin to be broken.
    It’s really annoying when hardcore atheists or misotheists like yourself make logical fallacies when it comes to the problem of evil that ultimately appeal to the emotions. By definition atheism flat out rejects an ultimate source of morality (God), it is downright delusional to say (as an atheist, nontheist, misotheist)that good and evil exist when the moral law giver (God) is denied. God is the Creator, he defines what is right and what is wrong and how we, His image-bearers, are supposed to act. Since Adam rebelled against God from the beginning, man is cursed, disease and suffering come into the world. Our actions have consequences, both in the short run and long run. We are sinful by choice (short run) and by nature (long run). Although God is not the source of evil, He uses things that appear to be evil on the surface for good. For example, God could use someone with a horrible disease for His good purposes (i.e. Spread the Gospel) and God could use horrible tragedies like 9/11, hurricanes, earthquakes in order to motivate people to spread the Gospel.
    Let’s say that the Gospel is a lantern and there is a dark room or you are outside and it is pitch black. Someone is in the dark, crying for help with no food to eat and nothing to drink and has been calling for help for about 2-3 hours. Someone else hears this person’s cry for help in the midst of the darkness and suffering and has a lantern. The lost person suddenly sees the light in the dark night and is thankful that someone found him/her in his/her time of need. The light was a sign of hope, a sign of good news. When families lose their homes and family members in tragedies can rejoice that there are plenty of people who are more than willing to help them out. This is also good news.
    God will use evil things for good if you are willing to accept His offer of hope, of forgiveness, His light in a world of darkness.


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