Faith & Logic Aren’t at Odds

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Lisa Randall perpetuates the ubiquitous misunderstanding that faith and logic are incompatible in her essay criticizing some current presidential candidates in Time Magazine, “How Science Can Lead the Way: What we lose when we put faith over logic.”  Her concern with the candidates is an expression of her overall view of religion and science.  Her view is summed up in this sentence, “What we are seeing in the current presidential race is not so much a clash between religion and science as a fundamental disregard for rational and scientific thinking.” The disregard is found in the candidate’s religious expressions.

She writes, “Empirically based logic and the revelatory nature of faith are very different methods for seeking answers, and only logic can be systematically improved and applied.”  In this statement, she equates science with logic.  But science isn’t the only field of study that employs logic, and other methodology gives us knowledge through applying rationality.  History isn’t subject to scientific methodology, yet it’s a field of knowledge where rationality applies.  Christianity largely falls into this methodology where logical investigation and thinking lead us to rational conclusions about what has taken place in the past.  We believe we know all kinds of things about the past that aren’t subject to scientific investigation…


Stand to Reason Blog: Faith & Logic Aren’t at Odds

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