Halloween – The Great Omission?

by Scott Smith

If you’re looking for another Halloween-hating post, you should probably stop reading.

The Origins of Halloween

How can I put this?

I don’t care. (Sorry – I’m short on subtlety)

Is it bad that I don’t care? I don’t know who was the first person to throw a birthday party either. They may have had ill intent. You’ll have a hard time finding any holiday or activity that hasn’t had some unsavory aspects along the way. Does that mean that you affirm mistreating Indians if you celebrate Thanksgiving, or that you worship bunnies on Easter? For that matter, we had better not say “Easter”, because that word has a bad origin.

Here’s the real question: When you see the ninjas and pirates at your door, do you think they know the origins? Didn’t think so. Now relax and give them some candy.

The Religion of Halloween

You probably already have an idea how I feel about this one too. How about this – if you find a kid who is enamored with Druids and celebrates Samhain ritually, feel free to be concerned.

When you see a kid opening presents on Christmas, do you believe they are practicing Christianity? If not, why would you believe that asking for a piece of candy makes them fully immersed in a pagan ritual?

If you want to talk about a religion surrounding Halloween, how about consumerism? How about entitlement? How about adults who see it as a free pass to dress as hookers. Feel free to be irritated with them. But don’t accuse the tots of celebrating Pomona, or the Feast of the Dead.

It’s Inconvenient

Ok. I get this. You know what else is inconvenient? Football games that screw up the television schedule, and parades that mess up traffic. Are we really this easily upset? I get that you might find it annoying to have people knock on your door, but … really? Turn off your front light. If it’s still unbearable, why not go to the cinema and make October 31 your family movie night…


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