Is Apologetics Relevant In Your Church?

by Tom Gilson

I’m part of a network of apologists and worldview ministry leaders who are beginning to do some work on how our ministries could be more effective, especially in churches. We’re just beginning this behind-the-scenes strategy work. You could help set our direction by telling us how we’re doing right now. If you’re a pastor or church lay leader please mention that, since your thoughts are especially important. If we’re not serving your needs, we’re not doing our job.

Please pass this around, because we (the apologetics community) really need to hear from you:

  • Is apologetics relevant in your church?
  • Would most of your church members answer that question the same way you just did?
  • Are apologists meeting your church’s needs?
  • Do you get the sense that we (apologists) are there for you and for your church?
  • Does it seem that most apologetics ministry something that takes place in its own world separate from church-level Christianity?
  • What could apologists do to serve your needs better?

We really appreciate your input. Thank you!

Tom Gilson blogs regularly at, Thinking Christian, among others.

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