Our Human Nature Needs God

Thomas Aquinas described the condition of mankind when he said “There is within every soul a thirst for happiness and meaning.”  Since the dawn of time, mankind has pursued fulfillment of that thirst with everything imaginable.  The existence of this personality trait in ALL cultures is perhaps the most telling reason for us to believe in God – not only that, but a God of Love (when we think of it this way, it becomes obvious, doesn’t it!)  Without love in our lives, virtually all other successes pale and seem insignificant.  This indicates a common denominator need in all humans, that would clearly be there if the assumption of the Creator of the Universe searching for us were true.  He left in us an indicator of His character!! 

We have what has been called ‘signals of transcendence’ within us, that point toward something beyond what we can see or explain (Peter Berger – Intellectuals Don’t Need God” And Other Modern Myths; Alister McGrath; pg 16).  If a Maker has made man in His image, as Christianity proclaims, then it is not surprising that we would attempt to find our creator.  Some of those indicators of another reality are described below: 

Intuition – There is something about us, way deep inside, that causes us to consider that both we and the universe around us are products of God.   Indeed, if a creator is drawing us near to Him, it would make sense that God Himself would have placed this awareness within each of us, creating a natural vacuum, or thirst for knowledge, that leads us to consider Him…


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