Our Offensibility: Lessons From a Facebook App

by Lisa Robinson

Saturday morning, the Facebook app on my Blackberry got stuck.  It seemed the best solution to rectify the problem was to uninstall it and then re-install it.  No problem, that’s exactly what I did, or so I thought.  After re-installing, I went to log in and got the message “unable to connect to the server at this time.”  Ok, it’s probably just busy so I tried again a few minutes later and got the same thing.  Hmmm, what was going on here?  I tried unsuccessfully throughout the day, and kept getting the same thing, making repeated attempts at uninstalling and re-installing.  Nothing!  Grrrr  Well, it seemed to me that some action was needed here.  Obviously, something is not working right and somebody needs to fix it.  I really didn’t care who, whether that be RIM or T-mobile or whoever.  I just wanted my app to work.  Well actually, I was annoyed at RIM and T-Mobile.  It seemed to me they should be making better products.  I mean, this was no way to treat a consumer.  Right?

After service on Sunday, I fiddled with again.  But this time, I took a moment to try a different perspective.  Perhaps, I can go to the app page and there might be some information there.  So as I again, uninstalled and re-installed I took a moment to examine carefully if there’s something that maybe I missed.  Sure enough, I had missed the instructions that said successful installation will require rebooting.  That could only happen if I took the battery out and disconnected from it.  Ahhh.  Problem solved.

The irony of this little frustrating mishap, is that all the while during this time, I had been engaged in an escalating dispute with a dear sister.   Apparently, I had offended her through a disagreement in an on-line discussion, one in which hindsight has clarified I should have stayed out of.  We had a series of exchanges.  Each time I tried to explain my position, it only fueled the offense.  I couldn’t win.  But I kept trying.  Before long, my buttons were pushed, I reacted and bluntly so!  There really wasn’t any resolution but to “disconnect”.

It strikes me that as long as people interact with each other, there are going to be misunderstandings and offenses.  It’s really kind of unavoidable.  It would be nice to think that just because we are Christians and encouraged with the words of scripture to exchange brotherly love, there might be some challenges in our ability to do so.  Because behind every saint is a person who has opinions, wounds, personality bents, perspectives and vulnerabilities.  We are still all very broken people no matter how much we would like to believe otherwise…


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