Spreading the Good News—With Love

by Maureen – Take Two Blog 

Vibrant foliage colors, exciting festivities, and Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes all help make fall my favorite time of year. Although people often say Southern California doesn’t experience “real” seasons, the signs of change are here. Our founder, Hugh Ross, aptly describes autumn in SoCal in an upcoming ministry letter:

While the seasons here in Southern California are subtle, to those of us who live and work here the signs are very familiar. From the yellowing of the autumn light to the unmistakable marine layer that reaches deep into the valleys and canyons.

Another hallmark of autumn here at RTB is our jam-packed roster of upcoming events. With summer vacations over, the scholar team is on the road again. As we outline in our mission statement, “RTB exists to spread the Christian Gospel…” One way we do this is by sending our scholars out to participate in discussion and dialogue about the relationship between science and faith.

Engaging and Equipping

The RTB mission doesn’t stop at simply engaging scientists and other influencers at universities and churches. We also aim to equip and encourage everyday believers (like me and Sandra) to share, boldly and respectfully, the Good News with family, friends, colleagues, and even the blogosphere! We want believers to view apologetics as an important part of communicating with a skeptical world. But, as representatives of Christ, we also need to remember to value winning people more than winning an argument…


Spreading the Good News—With Love « Take Two

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