The Jesus in the Bible is way cooler than the one you’ve heard about

by Kelliann Howard

Lately, I have been inundated with people that want to debate the existence of God and His attributes. However, many of these advocates of unbelief have never read the Bible. That leaves me perplexed. How does one begin to justify their agreement or not of that which they have not studied, read or validated its content? Conclusions drawn without knowledge put my competitor in a weak position to debate me. This is great if all I care about is winning, however, it is like my grandpa letting me win in checkers; that is a horrible kind of win, especially if I know it was given to me and not earned.

Our public school system and our universities have eliminated the possibility of intelligent design as an answer to how the earth was created. While these same institutions present the theory of evolution as fact. For the record, I do not deny the theory of evolution within a species. By eliminating one theory over another, especially when that theory uses the same Science from a different perspective steals the opportunity for one to process the various theories before coming to a logical conclusion. This form of selective education has the potential to undermine a student’s ability to use logic. Why bother testing a theory if one is told what to believe the logical conclusion is?

I share this next bit at the risk of sounding like I am self referencing. Many non-believers, unconvinced, or whatever you want to label someone who does not profess to be a Christian, have not taken the time to read what the text we debate so often; the Bible, says. I find this preposterous really. I would think that a book such as one that has sold more than 6 Billion copies and has been in print since 1663 (in America) is worthy of checking out. I think it odd that any one person that can not give Jesus a chance, and at least read the book that depicts his life, his mission, how he got here, how he died and what the future holds if you believe Jesus’ life was a possibility, won’t even crack open the Bible. I think it odd that when man does not represent Jesus in his truest form that Jesus gets thrown under the bus and the man that misrepresents him goes free.

This book, called the Bible, is filled not only with the life, mission and death of Jesus but of genealogy, history, poetry, war, peace, family feuds, sibling rivalry, romance, miracles, prophecy fulfilled, wisdom, advice for healthy living, vision for the future and so much more. Divided into two parts, the old and new testament and 66 separate books, broken down into chapters and verses for easy reference. So much of the genealogy and history can be proven from other sources. The fact that Jesus died over 2000 years ago and his legacy lives on speaks volumes.

I’m not telling you what to believe or not believe. I’m saying that the Jesus in the Bible is way cooler than the one you have heard about. Yes, even if you are already a Christian and have not read this literal master piece, you are missing out on the greatest love story ever told between the creator of the universe and his beloved. If you’re not a Christian and you have not read the Bible, my question is, what are you afraid of finding out?

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