Generation Ex-Christian: Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith. . .and How to Bring Them Back

by Gary Mundt

One recent research study showed that 70 percent of youth leave church by age 22. Another study said that 80 percent reared in church will be disengaged by age 29. Why are so many young adults walking away from their faith? Can Christians bring these young people back to their faith? This question is answered by Drew Dyck (editorial manager of the ministry team at Christianity Today International and former editor of New Man magazine) in his new book Generation Ex – Christian.

Drew divides these ex-Christians into six categories, such as postmodernist, neo-pagan, and drifter. He talked to these young people to discover what led them to leave their faith. At the end of the book, he shows how to reach out to these ex-Christians in a loving way and attempt to bring them back home.

Drew shares many of the conversations he had with these young people so the reader can see firsthand what some of these kids went through. It is also a wakeup call to pastors and faithful Christians to the problem at hand that must be addressed. The book is well-written and is easy to understand. It is a very interesting read because Drew takes you into the lives of these ex-Christians to help the reader understand how they could just walk away from their faith.

This book is a must read for parents, pastors, teachers, and church leaders of all levels to help them get an understanding of why these young people are leaving and what they can do to try to get them back. Hopefully, it will also cause pastors to look at how they’re “doing church”, because perhaps some changes are needed to slow the tide of young people leaving their faith.

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