James Barham on the Darwinist’s Dilemma

The absurdity of a state-enforced scientific doctrine is a scandal that scientists ought to be the first to protest. We are talking about science, for goodness’ sake—that most corrigible of all fallible human endeavors! Scientific ideas change—and generally improve—over time. On the Origin of Species was not inscribed on stone tablets and Charles Darwin was not Moses. And yet, when Kitzmiller quashed all discussion of the many problems with natural selection in the public schools, presumably for all time to come, the professional Darwin lobby congratulated itself on a great victory. Religion aside, what actual arguments are there in favor of indoctrinating all American schoolchildren with an outdated and one-sided version of evolutionary theory?   

– James Barham (excerpt from his blog post, The Darwinist’s Dilemma <—recommended reading!)