Binge Thinker

by Mike Burnette

You could describe me as a binge thinker. Often perfectly satisfied hanging out on the periphery of ignorance. I occasionally strolled into the hallowed halls of academia–mostly when challenged by opposing worldviews–and then only selectively dipping my toe into the apologetics pool. I could bandy about words like existential, presupposition, relativism—and quote what little I understand from Francis Schaeffer—“Ah, what an intellectual high!”

Each binge is informative, satisfying, and provides quick, easy answers in debate to support my Christian worldview—in many cases just to replenish my ever weakening apologetic force-field. I have given my life to Christ and believe there is rational justification for the truth claims of the Christian faith; however, I was not loving God–with all of my mind—it was more like by the seat of my pants.

Truthfully I have never jumped entirely into the apologetic pool and certainly had no idea of how deep the waters ran. That is until I encountered the likes of Alvin Plantinga, William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas, Alister McGrath, and John Lennox. Up until then I was quite content challenging my skeptic and atheist friends with my devastating charm and sophisticated good looks—or was it my full-throttled arrogance and freshman understanding of the brilliant text Introduction to Philosophy “A Christian Perspective” by Norman Geisler and Paul Feinberg?!

In my apologetics beginning, Francis Schaeffer’s work and lectures were mesmerizing. I had never heard of the Line of Despair and certainly didn’t like the thought that we as a society had crossed below it. At Liberty University Gary Habermas captured my mind with his philosophy course discussing arguments for God’s existence and uttering such things as “truth is truth regardless of the consequences.” Wow, how cool is that—but what does it mean? …oh well, I’ve got to get to math class. After college, the afterglow of sophisticated academic thought quickly faded, as I settled into blissful ignorance—after all, I’m a radio broadcaster with a show to produce. The fog of success and smog of life began to limit my visibility and to spiritually choke me…


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The Poached Egg Apologetics

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