Should Christians Invite Santa Claus to Christmas?

by Jacob Allee

It’s certainly not a novel question, the lines have been drawn long ago and you are probably already standing on the side which you see as the right one. But the question is a fair one, should Santa Claus have a place in the Christian celebration of Christmas or not? My answer (and you can, of course, decide for yourself if I’m on to something) is “no.”

Santa Claus, as virtually everyone knows him, is of course the rather plump individual with rosie red cheeks, a blazing red suit and a white beard that delivers gifts to “good” kids via braking and entering each December the 24th. All kidding aside, I grew up believing  Santa Claus and it didn’t hurt me any that I am aware of and I admit that there are a lot of fun stories, cartoons and movies that I have enjoyed all my life that involve the jolly icon of Christmas. So it’s not that Santa Claus is evil or a sure-fire way to derail your kids to the dark side, I would never say that.

My primary concerns with Santa are twofold. My first concern is the classic one that you’ve surely been challenged with already. Namely, I am afraid that while the Santa figure is not implicitly evil or immoral that it may eclipse the truth about Christmas and its genuine meaning. Of course Christmas is supposed to be a special time of emphasis upon the fact that God sent us His Son Jesus to save us from our sins. Indeed God the Son, who from eternity past had existed as part of the Trinity, at a point in our linear time existence stepped into his own creation and humbled himself to be born of a woman and take on flesh (John 1:14) and dwell among us. He came to live a sinless life, teach perfect teachings, fulfill the law of God, be a visible portrait of God, die on the cross for our sins, and raise again. Christmas is a time to celebrate the successful rescue mission of God to save sinners that all started with God being born into this world in the most humble of estates.

The commercialism of Christmas, of which Santa is clearly a central theme, has eclipsed Christ in many ways in our country and, if we are honest, many of us as Christians have at time fallen into the trap of commercialized and secularized Christmas. It is all too easy to get caught up in the culture of want and to feel the “need” of material items, trying to get our kids the hottest new gadgets, gizmos and toys and all the while putting Christ on the back burner through the holiday season that is supposed to be centered upon His arrival to save us from our sins…


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