What should I say? Learning to answer our friends’ questions

by Pete Lowman

Sometimes we’re nervous about witnessing for Christ because we’re afraid we’ll be asked questions we can’t answer. This is a problem we can help each other solve! Put a small group of intelligent Christians together, and you soon find we’ve got the raw material we need for the questions we get asked.
So in our church, or student group, we can set aside an evening to discuss the objections we’ve heard our friends raise about our faith. Break into groups of 5-8, and list the questions you’ve heard. Then together we can share ways we respond.

This feature is intended to back you up in this exercise. It lists a few of the approaches you could use as starting-points. Some may not be relevant to your situation. But you can sort that out!

Remember your aim is never to argue people into the Kingdom. That’s not possible; only God can lead us through! Your aim is – lovingly and prayerfully – to get the problems out of the way, so that together you can share about what really matters: who Jesus was, what he has done; where we stand before God, what we each need to do about it…

? Among so many sincerely-held beliefs, how can Christ be the only way? Aren’t all religions true?

•  Sincerity’s not the issue: we can all be sincerely mistaken. In the end, some things are either true or false. Christ either was or was not what he claimed to be – the unique I AM, the Creator, the only way to God (John 14:6). No other major religious teacher has made this incredible claim. Was Christ right or wrong?

•  Again, it’s either true or false that we can’t please God by our own deeds, and that God himself is so holy that our sins can only be paid for if he himself rescued us by dying for them. Jesus’ gospel stands alone in daring to say this.

•  If these claims are true, all other religions must ultimately be incomplete. All religions cannot be 100% true; they contradict each other. There may be many good insights, but the key issue is how we can be right with God. If salvation could be earned by human efforts or ceremonies, Christ’s death was unnecessary. We cannot have Christ’s cross and other religions too.

•  Historical evidence: no other religious teacher has risen from the dead. (See, for example, Norman Anderson, Jesus Christ: the Witness of History (IVP).) If Christ’s resurrection is a historical fact, then we are dealing with something unique in world history; only Jesus frees us from death…


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