84 Confirmed Facts in the Last 16 Chapters of the Book of Acts

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Scholar and historian Colin Hemer has identified 84 facts in the last 16 chapters of the Book of Acts that have been confirmed by historical and/or archaeological research.

pauls journeys

They are as follows:
1. the natural crossing between correctly named ports [Acts 13:4-5]
2. the proper port [Perga] along the direct destination of a ship crossing from Cyprus [13:13]
3. the proper location of Lycaonia [14:6]

4. the unusual but correct declension of the name Lystra [14:6]

5. the correct language spoken in Lystra-Lycaonian [14:11]

6. two gods known to be so associated-Zeus and Hermes [14:12]

7. the proper port, Attalia, which returning travelers would use [14:25]

8. the correct order of approach to Derbe and then Lystra from the Cilician Gates [16:1; cf. 15:41]

9. the proper from of the name Troas [16:8]

10. the place of a conspicuous sailors’ landmark, Samothrace [12:14]

11. the proper description of Philippi as a Roman colony [16:12]

12. the right location fro the river [Gangites] near Philippi [12:13]

13. the proper association of Thyatira as a center of dyeing [16:14]

14. correct designations for the magistrates of the colony [16:22]

15. the proper locations [Amphipolis and Apollonia] where travelers would spend successive nights on this journey [17:1]

16. the presence of a synagogue in Thessalonica [17:1]

17. the proper term ["politarchs"] used of the magistrates there [17:6]

18. the correct implication that sea travel is the most convenient way of reaching Athens, with the favoring east winds of summer sailing [17:14-15]

19. the abundant presence of images in Athens [17:16]

20. the reference to a synagogue in Athens [17:17]


Truthbomb Apologetics: 84 Confirmed Facts in the Last 16 Chapters of the Book of Acts

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