Apologist on Movement to Bring Apologetics Back to Church

By Alex Murashko

The author of The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask as well as his latest release, The Reason Why Faith Makes Sense, believes that the plethora of misinformation found in bestselling, so-called religious books, and the rapidly growing number of skeptical websites have Christians second-guessing themselves.

Mittelberg’s passion for getting answers to the myriad of questions about Christianity in the hands of believers and non-believers led him to team up with author and speaker Lee Strobel more than a year ago. The two apologists have formed The Institute at Cherry Hills, an apologetics and evangelism ministry at Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

The institute is aimed at innovating new approaches to defending and sharing the faith – and helping answer, “How do I really know this stuff is true?”

Mittelberg and Strobel plan a series of national simulcasts to be hosted at churches across the country, starting in March. The event is called, “The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask,” based on Mittelberg’s book title.

The Christian Post asked Mittelberg last week to discuss the ministry of Christian apologetics via an email interview.

CP: People have differing opinions of apologetics. Some say that in an age of postmodernism apologetics is dead. Others, like your ministry partner, Strobel, say just the opposite – that this is “a golden age of apologetics.” What are your thoughts?

Mittelberg: Apologetics has never been more important than it is now. People throughout our culture, including many of our friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers, are becoming increasingly secular. They’re moving farther and farther from Christian teachings and morality. The Bible mandates that we must be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks (1 Pet. 3:15), so this is not an optional activity for Christians or the church.

We must confront the errors of our culture and present in their place the truth and gospel of Christ. So I hope Lee is right about it being a “golden age of apologetics” – and there are many signs that he is – but much more needs to be done.

CP: How did you get so intense about apologetics?

Mittelberg: I’ve just talked to too many young people – and too many of their parents – who tell of how they have drifted from the Christian faith merely for the lack of good answers to their spiritual questions. And it’s not just young people. As more and more adults read the misinformation in so many of the current “religious” bestsellers as well as the rapidly proliferating plethora of skeptical websites, increasing numbers of them are beginning to question their faith, as well. “How do I really know this stuff is true,” they wonder, or “Did I just naively accept what my parents and Sunday School teachers told me?”

We’ve got great answers to those questions. Truth is on our side. The evidence overwhelmingly points to the veracity of the Christian faith. But church members won’t know this by osmosis! We must get serious about knowing and being able to articulate truth ourselves, and then doing whatever it takes to teach it in compelling ways to the people around us – including those outside the church who are searching…


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