Are Christians Inconsistent About Miracles?

by Brent Hardaway

“It’s inconsistent for Christians to reject other religious claims based on logic and evidence. If they were consistent, they’d reject Christianity as well.”

So goes a common line of thought among atheists. It is commonly applied in regards to  Mormonism. Indeed, Christianity and Mormonism are similar in that their scriptures purport to tell history, and so both can be examined based on the available evidence.

On that note, here’s an interesting thread on this very topic. FT, A poster, starts off by rebutting an application of claim #1 posted by Steve Benson, grandson of the late LDS president Ezra Taft Benson and an editorial cartoonist for the Arizona Republic

Benson had argued that miracles are impossible, and so Christians (or Sandra Tanner, in this case, specifically), if they reject the miracles told in the LDS scriptures, should also reject the miracles in the Bible. FT basically responded that 1) The claim that miracles are impossible is a philosophical one,  2) Sandra Tanner didn’t reject the LDS scriptures because they were miraculous 3) There is sufficient corroboration  of the Bible’s historicity to warrant the belief that the historical record it contains is factually accurate. Plenty of chatter follows, but after a while we get to this response by Benson:

After all, the Bible and the Book of Mormon are based on the same premise: God intervenes miraculously in people’s lives.

And, if you claim, Sandra didn’t reject the Book of Mormon for its miracle claims, then why didn’t she then accept the Book of Mormon for its miracle claims? By her own admission, she’s into accepting miracles (apparently, however, just the Christian ones).

What is really being argued here by Benson is that one premise – God intervenes miraculously in people’s lives – logically requires believing that all miracle stories are true. This is an obvious non-sequitur. Let’s create a partially hypothetical alternate scenario…


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