I’m morally superior, just read my bumper sticker…

by Robert Paul Vicars IV

This to me is classic hypocrisy.  I was in traffic behind a small, certainly fuel-efficient car which had some rather wordy bumper stickers on it.  The first said,

When the last tree dies, the last river is poisoned, and the last fish in the sea is caught will we realize that we can’t eat money.

This implies that we are raping the planet for money.  And when the resources are gone and all we have left is money, we will come to find that it isn’t all that nourishing.  Nice analysis of the problem, I guess.  But what are we to eat now?  How are to feed billions now?  Cattle, crops and catching fish seem the most viable means and this is exactly what the bumper sticker emplores us to avoid.  And what alternative motivation does he offer for people to obtain food for distribution, if not profit?  We’ve seen it already-compulsion.  In this case also, after all the resources are gone we could also find that  you can’t eat your social imperative.  And in his case, you come to realize this sooner than in the alternative.

The second bumper sticker,

There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.

The second moral dictum of our bumper sticker prophet almost brought me to tears of anger.  While I agree in principle, it seems that the intended audience is local rather than international…


I’m morally superior, just read my bumper sticker… – Truth and Friction

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