Loving God With Your Mind in 2012

by Melissa Travis

It wasn’t until I entered my 30′s that I discovered the deeper level of intellectual and spiritual fulfillment that comes from increasing one’s knowledge of Christian theology, history, and apologetics. Knowing what an enormous blessing this endeavor is, it is my hope and prayer that an increasing number of Christ-followers will resolve to explore this aspect of the faith in the new year.

Why is loving God with the mind such a neglected practice? I think many Christians are simply intimidated by what seems like an overwhelming task. They’re unsure about how to find interesting, reliable resources. They may be put off by the controversial topics, because they don’t like the tone employed by some outspoken advocates of various positions. Maybe they think scholarly books and articles will be over their head or simply dull.

I’d like to offer my readers encouragement and support by suggesting a strategy for Loving God With Your Mind in 2012.  I’ve formulated a reading plan that incorporates accessible, interesting materials from renowned, trustworthy Christian scholars. This program will give you an excellent knowledge base and prepare you for more concentrated topical studies later on. This list is painfully short and does not include dozens upon dozens of books that I consider highly valuable contributions to Christian scholarship. What I’ve tried to do is offer a one-year plan featuring a variety of books that lay-persons will find digestible and that will encourage them to read higher level, more comprehensive books on each subject. Some of the featured books are a bit more challenging than others, but are by no means beyond the mental grasp of any dedicated reader…


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