The Importance of Getting to Know God Personally

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My last post touched on the issue of bias and how bias may relate to the credibility of believers who try to “defend the faith.” I argued that most Christians, if they think about what really tugs at them, will realize that they actually have a bias away from faith – with its rules and restrictions – and not toward it. That was certainly my experience. Many skeptics attempt to stake out a “neutral” position, applauding themselves for their lack of bias and their objectivity. They think their approach is more “scientific.” If God wanted to contact me, they conclude, He would do a better job of making that clear. But despite the enlightened tone of this approach, keeping a perpetually “open mind” has some negatives worth considering.

The principal one has to do with the nature of relationship. God, we believe, is personal in nature. Indeed, the Trinity consists of three distinct persons who share a divine nature, characterized by a mutual and eternal love. Understanding just how this works is beyond us; it is one of the mysteries of Christianity that is rooted in faith. But suffice it to say that, having made us in His image, it is fair to conclude that we were ultimately destined for relationship with Him. Our best destiny, then, is to partake in this relationship in a fuller way when our days on Earth wind to a close.

What characterizes friendship? Different things in different cultures, no doubt. But has any culture ever developed a concept of relationship that involves “indifference?” Has any culture produced relationships in which one recognizes intellectually that their neighbor “might be there,” while expressing an utter lack of any interest as to who they are, what they are about or what matters to them? Is there any reason why that should be different for God?


PleaseConvinceMe Blog: The Importance of Getting to Know God Personally

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