Who or What Caused God?

by J.P. Moreland


Introducing the First Cause

Recently, I was watching a debate on television between an atheist and a believer. The Christian had presented several arguments to support the idea that the physical universe of space, time and matter had not existed forever, but rather came into existence a finite period of time ago. He went on to argue that the best explanation for this fact is that there is a First Cause — God — who caused the universe to come into being.

At that point in the debate, the atheist responded, “If you say that everything needs a cause and so there must be a cause for the beginning of the universe, then what caused God? And if you say that God is the first cause and nothing caused Him, then why not just say that the universe itself is the first cause and nothing caused it? Postulating a God is both unhelpful and unnecessary.”

Fortunately, the believer was prepared to give an answer to this response, but would you have been ready? What would you say if presented with this argument? Let’s see if we can make some progress in formulating an answer.

There’s Something Fishy with the Question

The first thing to notice is that there is something wrong with the question, “Who or what caused God?” To understand the problem, I need to introduce a simple notion in logic called a category fallacy. A category fallacy is the mistake of ascribing the wrong feature to the wrong thing. For example, asking, “How many inches long is the smell of a rose?” or “What does the note C taste like?” seems to assume that smells have length and sounds have taste. Both assumptions commit a category fallacy.

You can commit a category fallacy about something even if that thing does not exist, as long as you have a concept of what the thing would be if it were to exist. For example, unicorns do not exist, but we have a concept of what a unicorn would be if it were to exist, namely, a one-horned horse


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The Poached Egg Apologetics

RECOMMENDED RESOURCE:  Who Made God? Searching for a Theory of Everything by Edgar Andrews

Who Made GodAs a distinguished scientist, Professor Edgar Andrews is well qualified to counter the current outpouring of attempts to airbrush God out of existence — and in this book he does so with intelligent and infectious enthusiasm. Richard Dawkins’ The God delusion is an obvious target and he expertly dismantles its atheistic claims, reducing them to rubble with a lightness of touch I had never before come across in a book of this kind. Readers, with or without scientific backgrounds, are likely to find themselves turning the pages with smiles on their faces. Edgar Andrews is thought-provoking, witty, extremely readable, and ultimately devastating in his critique of evolutionary atheism. He demonstrates that a right understanding of the scientific enterprise poses no threat to biblical Christianity — indeed, that the kind of world we live in is precisely what the biblical account of God and creation would lead us to expect.

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