Why I Look Forward to Eternity

by Clay Jones

Some of the devil’s dirtiest deeds regard his doctrinal distortion of Heaven. He’s made it sound like a place no one would want to go. After all, who wants to sport flightless wings, sit on a cloud, strum a harp, suffer amnesia (one devilish distortion is we won’t remember anyone), and sing endless choruses? Of course, apologists rarely notice this satanic smear campaign because whether one thinks heaven will be tedious or not won’t determine whether one will be saved.

But don’t think this doesn’t have serious implications!

An undergrad one day fought back tears as she confessed to me that she was afraid that she didn’t want to go to heaven.

And she’s not alone. I’ve learned that many Christians fear they won’t like heaven. That also messes up our evangelism if the lost hear it as “repent of your sins and you can be bored forever!”

Make no mistake: this is the devil’s doing.

Thankfully, for the last 30 years I have made the glory that awaits us in eternity the focus of my teaching.

I intend to blog more about the lies the devil tells us regarding Heaven, but to start, let me share with you an overview of why I look forward to eternal life


Why I Look Forward to Eternity | Clay Jones

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