A Brief Follow Up on the Reason Rally/An Exhortation to Pastors

by Austin Gravley

Reason_RallyLast Monday, my blog became a part of the blogging movement that is covering the upcoming Reason Rally. If you want to read that post, read it here. Otherwise, I am going to dive right in to the follow up.

The response from the atheist community to the announcement of the Christian presence at the Reason Rally has been interesting. One continuing line of thought, which has been mentioned by many an atheist, can be summed up in these two emails to the True Reason (the group organizing the Christian presence) website:

"So is it now OK for groups of us to come visit you in your places of worship and do the same thing? Atheists have studiously avoided this in the past but you seem to want to up the ante.”"
"BTW, we are starting a new movement, we are going to attend church masses, and then in the middle raise our hand and ask questions about faith, we are hoping to DIRECTLY influence people and convert folks to reality… I cannot wait for the day our society truly evolves… good luck on your contradicting views and opinions, hopefully, you will come back a normal rational person with reason.”

This response has been prominent throughout the whole atheist community, and it is certainly interesting. As a rabbit trail, if I might point out the first email, the Reason Rally is a place of worship? Sorry, the analogy doesn’t work very well there – unless atheism is really a religion and the Reason Rally is an expression of that religion…


A Brief Follow Up on the Reason Rally/An Exhortation to Pastors ~ Another Ascending Lark

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