A Brief Word on the Reason Rally

by Austin Gravley

In roughly a month from now, an event will take place in Washington that is being called “the largest gathering of the secular movement in world history”. It will feature big names such as Richard Dawkins, P.Z. Meyers, Lawrence Krauss, Dan Barker, and even guys like Adam Savage (from Mythbusters), Bad Religion (a famous rock band) and even high school activist Jessica Alquist, among many other names. You can read all about this event here at the website.

The timing of this event could not be any better, in my opinion. The Apologetics Renaissance continues to grow and grow, and I believe this rally is taking place as a natural reaction to this growth of apologetics amongst Christianity. It’s ironic that the New Atheists are heading this event, a group of people that have been routinely chastised, even by fellow atheists, for their lack of originality and their overload on vitriol and venom in their speech. No other group has caused reason and rationality to decline as much as the New Atheist movement, as its leaders (namely Dawkins) disciple their followers with bad information and bad arguments which fail to equip their adherents on how to defend themselves from serious critique.

The apologetics community has been preparing behind the scenes to be there…


A Brief Word on the Reason Rally ~ Another Ascending Lark

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