Apologetics Bloggers and Ratio Christi Unite In Response to Reason Really

by Greg West

Apologetics Bloggers and Ratio Christi Unite In Response to Reason ReallyIt’s events like this that remind me why I’m thrilled to be involved in the growing apologetics movement taking place within the church and in our communities. There are two groups in particular that I’m very happy to be associated with—The Apologetics Bloggers Alliance (a subgroup of the Christian Apologetics Alliance) and Ratio Christi. Both of these groups are made up of both full-time and tent maker apologists who have a passion for sharing the Gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ through apologetics, and equipping others to be able to defend the Christian faith in the public square.

Members of both groups include writers, teachers, college professors, and laymen apologists, such as myself. We teach apologetics in our churches, on college campuses, in our communities, and actively engage skeptics, seekers, and believers who may be struggling with doubt. While apologetics and evangelism are two different things, they go together hand in hand, and anyone who takes the time to learn apologetics is going to be better equipped for both personal and public evangelism.

The Reason Rally which will take place on March 24, 2012, in Washington, D.C., is being publicized as the largest gathering of secularists to ever take place; popular New Atheists movement leaders Richard Dawkins and P.Z. Meyers are two of the main speakers at the event. The ABA and Ratio Christi have coordinated a combined effort to raise awareness of this event and to gather those who wish to participate in the response effort.

This response effort is not to be a demonstration against atheism, but one of evangelism and outreach. Response participants will be at the event, handing out bottled water, literature, and will be available to talk with anyone who is willing to dialogue.

For information on how you can participate from where you are or in person at the event, please visit the central website, TrueReason.org

Below is a list of links to websites that are featuring articles promoting this response effort. Please bookmark this page and when you have some time visit these links to help show you support— Our bloggers and participants will appreciate that, and more importantly, your prayers for this upcoming event.

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