Can Apologetics be Woven into Discipleship?

by Kyle McManamy

apologetics discipleshipThe Restore Conference is on its fourth year.  The effort of two churches native to Clemson, SC, the conference brings important issues into focus for a weekend of concentrated teaching. Attendees hear from notable Christian leaders such as Paul David Tripp or Sinclair Ferguson and what I find especially encouraging is that the host churches see it as an important part of the discipleship ministries of they have.

This year’s conference, Reason for Faith, aims to encourage and equip believers to think deeply about tough issues. As a breakout and youth track speaker, I’ve been reflecting on how someone learns how to do apologetics and how it fits into discipleship. Having had both formal and informal training on the subject, I’ve seen apologetics taught a number of ways and I wondered what I might recommend to get someone started. A simple list resulted and, before I give it to you, I need to make two caveats:

  • Learning apologetics is ideally placed within the larger context of discipleship because discipleship allows for the formal study (going through books and sitting under instruction) as well as the informal (where it can be modeled and practiced). Disciplers need not be intimidated if they also are new to apologetics, few things inspire learning more than seeing a hero humble himself to learn and grow.
  • Also, I came up with this list and only to realize afterwards that Apologia has products for each of the points. I included them in case you’re interested, but be assured this list isn’t a shameless plug; it just happened to come when we have resources to match it.

How Do You Start in Apologetics?

Start with the gospel: Apologetics is an enormous field which can be confusing for newcomers – where are they to begin? I suggest you start with the gospel. Whether or not the crucifixion and resurrection is a historical event has enormous implications on the truthfulness of Christianity. Not only that, the work that has been done to make a case for the Resurrection is impressive and is a very reasonable goal for anyone to tackle…


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