Atheistic Illusions or Delusions?

By Mike Robinson

Unless thought is valid we have no reason to believe in the real universe (C.S. Lewis).

The dominant inciter of the self-inflated New Atheists (NAs) is Richard Dawkins. He defines religion as a “virus of the mind” (Dawkins: Viruses of the Mind). He also embraces a worldview that espouses that all life is ultimately meaningless. This is a contradiction, since even the thoughts of the NAs would be meaningless and no better than a “virus of the mind.” Their thoughts would just be bouncing neuro-chemicals in their brain box. The ultimate outworking of anti-theism is that everything rational is in fact irrational and just an illusion. This would mean that their own statements are meaningless, thus they are false; obviously, despite the outworking of atheistic thought, there really is meaning.

Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion would fail any introductory philosophy or religion course (atheist Michael Ruse: Science and Spirituality).

To expect to learn anything about important theological problems from Richard Dawkins or Daniel Dennett is like expecting to learn about medieval history from someone who had only read Robin Hood (Rodney Stark).

Dawkins attempts to disprove theism through empiricism (truth is found through man’s unchaperoned five senses). But the form of any worldview, including the NAs’, requires a priori (something prior to or independent of observation and experience, which is assumed to be true) equipment. But a priori truths cannot be justified from observation. Universal norms (laws of logic and moral absolutes) must be taken for granted in forming any worldview, but empiricism cannot provide the conditions that are necessary for universal fixed norms. Resting one’s worldview on observation, apart from the universal pre-essentials, can only result in nonsense and the unintelligibility of that which one observes. Interpreting and making sense of that which is observed cannot come from observation alone…


Atheistic Illusions or Delusions?



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