What To Expect If You Become An Apologist

guest post by Jacob Allee*

The State of ApologeticsSo, you want to be a Christian apologist? Just make sure you get yourself a few basic necessities:

1. A pair of extra thick skin.

2. An extra dose of patience.

3. A solid understanding of biblical theology and philosophy.

4. A desire to love and share the gospel with people just like the ones above.

The reality is, as an apologist, some days you will just feel like beating your head against a wall because of all the ignorance, arrogance, meanness, and just plain weirdness you will run into on a nearly daily basis. Even so there will come those times when you share the truth with someone (whether they be in a cult or they are an atheist or they just really don’t know much about Christianity and why they ought to become a follower of Jesus) and after talking with you, they take a step towards Jesus. Maybe they even trust in Him and become His disciple. It’s those moments that make it all worth it.

If you are feeling the call to proclaim and defend the faith, I encourage you to follow that calling. We need more men (and women) in this field because the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. So study God’s word hard, get a working understanding of philosophy (trust me), and make sure you walk with a strong commitment to Christ Jesus. Finally, make sure that you develop a love for some of the worlds most difficult and frustrating people, because those are the ones that you will be sharing the love of Christ with on a regular basis. Remember, the most difficult unbelievers sometimes become the most passionate Christ followers once they see the light of truth.

*Jacob Allee holds a B.A. in Religion and Apologetics from Luther Rice University, an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Piedmont International University and is currently a student at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary working towards an M.Div. in Theological Studies. You can visit his blog at www.JacobAllee.com .




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