Can My Truth Be Different From Yours?

by Josh Fults

Recently, I was having a discussion with several individuals about our belief systems. Some of us had similar beliefs, while others held divergent worldviews. During the discussion one person stated, “Well, that may be true for you, but it isn’t for me.” He was asserting that my reality or truth was different than his.

Is it possible for people to hold differing truths and both be correct? Can something be true for you and not for me? Many people will tell us this is perfectly rational, and not to mention accepting and inclusive. This is known as relativism. The ideology behind relativism is that people can hold two opposing beliefs and both be correct. While that is a nice sentiment, it does not conform to reality.

If I believe it’s perfectly healthy to drink cyanide, and you believe it will kill me, does that mean I will live? If I believe that $50+$50=$1,000, will my bank be okay with that math? If I believe extra-marital relationships are healthy, and my wife says they are detrimental to a marriage, will it be okay if I cheat on my wife? I can certainly guarantee you that she won’t think so. When it comes to truth, there can simply be only one reality. Truth is determined not by opinion, but instead by what is an accurate reflection of reality.

When it comes to Christianity, I do not adhere to it simply because “it works for me.” I do not accept the teachings of Christ because I think they are a good version of the truth. I affirm Christianity because I think it is an accurate expression of what is real…


Can My Truth Be Different From Yours? | Walk Good



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