Christian Apologetics Student Group Gains Ground at Universities

 by Alex Murashko
virginia-techThe popularity of a college student group primarily focused on defending their faith in Jesus on university campuses throughout the U.S. and world has increased dramatically in the last year.

While operating in the mostly secular environment of college academia, including students and professors, a Christian apologetics alliance known as Ratio Christi (Latin for "reason of Christ" or the "rationality of Christ") is aggressively seeking and placing apologists on campuses to lead student chapters.

This movement comes at a time when Christian leaders such as prominent evangelical Chuck Colson say atheist – or nontheist – groups are on the rise on college campuses. Colson recently praised Ratio Christi in a column he wrote, expressing his joy at knowing the group is "working to reclaim the intellectual battleground on college campuses."

"Colson is well aware that the battle for the mind is centered around the university," Ratio Christi President Rick Schenker told The Christian Post. "Secular thought dominates most educational institutions. Christian students are ridiculed and openly humiliated by fellow students, and sometimes even faculty, for believing in God, the Bible and Jesus Christ."

Schenker said his group went from 12 to 65 chapters within less than a year. The biggest challenge the organization faces is funding the rapid growth and expressed interest of other "supported missionaries" or chapter leaders.

"We tried to slow it down, but the inquiries keep coming …


Christian Apologetics Student Group Gains Ground at Universities, Christian News

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