How Do You Know Christianity Is True?

By Greg Koukl

Biblical InerrancyA friend of mine (and someone who is very involved with Stand to Reason) told me that she was asked by her son, "Why do we believe Christianity is true?" She had to pause for a minute. The reason she had to pause is that she had all of this information from being exposed to Stand to Reason and she had to sort through and decide what the best way was to communicate to her young son and answer his question.

It is possible to go into all kinds of lines of thinking about the authority of the Bible, about the necessity of the existence of God, about fulfilled prophecy, about the historical Jesus, about discussion of a philosophic nature–there are all kinds of different ways of approaching his question. I got to thinking about that myself, and I thought how I would answer that question from a youngster? What is the simplest, most direct way– without sacrificing the compelling nature of an argument–to answer this question? Why do I believe that Christianity is true?

Not only is it good to have an answer, but to have a simple, direct, but useful answer for someone who is younger and perhaps can’t negotiate the details of a more philosophic and complex argument. And there happen to be a lot of other people who just aren’t interested in that kind of thing. Even if they are adults, they aren’t going to sit still long enough to listen to that kind of argument.

It reminded me of a time maybe six years ago when I was doing some speaking about witnessing on airplanes and how I explain the Gospel in a simple way. I gave my answer "I believe Christianity is true because Jesus said it was." Of course more follow up dialogue is important here, and I will show you in just a moment that there are some liabilities here. But there is something really cogent and powerful about this answer…


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