How to Answer ‘Why Would God Allow Evil?’

By Alex Murashko

Providing a rebuttal to the question of why God would allow such things can be challenging, said Mittelberg, who is the author of The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask and other books about defending the Christian faith.

Mittelberg told The Christian Post recently that in fact, it was the issue of evil that initially led the renowned author and scholar C. S. Lewis into atheism. However, upon further reflection, Lewis began to see that if there is no God, then there is no such thing as evil either.

“Evil can only be known and measured against a standard of good. Apart from God and the morality that flows from Him there is no standard – and therefore no evil either,” he explained. “But we know in our hearts – it’s inescapable – that evil is real.”

“For example, when we hear about someone being raped or murdered we don’t just think, ‘I’d prefer that people wouldn’t do such things.’ No, we say, ‘that was wrong‘ – especially if the crime was against somebody we knew. But when we say such things we’re betraying the fact that we know there is a higher standard – one that goes beyond people’s preferences of even society’s self-imposed laws,” Mittelberg illustrated. “This innate knowledge of morality standards points to the existence of a Moral Lawgiver.”

What initially seemed to be an argument against God turns out to be evidence for him, he stated. “When C. S. Lewis realized this, it was an important step toward his trajectory-altering decision to trust and follow Christ.”

“So while Christians struggle with a very real problem of evil it is, I think, much preferable to the atheistic denial of evil (and, similarly, to the Eastern pantheistic belief that everything that happens is part of God, leading to the deification of evil.),” Mittelberg insisted.

The question of pain and suffering is probably a harder argument to answer, he said. “Why would God allow those?”

The question is not one Christians can give an answer to that will satisfy everyone or “make us all feel good about,” Mittelberg said.

However, he outlined seven “points of light” summarized from his chapter on the issue in The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask


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