Mere Apologetics

by Stephen J. Bedard

Strangely, I was not particularly looking forward to reading Alister McGrath’s Mere Apologetics.  I was not dreading it, but I was not excited either.  That is strange because I really like the work of Alister McGrath and I really am interested in apologetics.  My ambivalence was more about multitude of general apologetics books that have come on the market lately.  How many times do we have to be told how to give evidence for the existence of God?

However, once I picked up Mere Apologetics, I was hooked.  McGrath does not just rehash old arguments under a new title and author.  Mere Apologetics is more than a collection of arguments, it is a guide on how to do apologetics in a practical way.  Apologetics is so much more than throwing a standard argument at a generic skeptic and expecting them to convert.  Apologetics is both a science and an art.  McGrath draws on his experience with the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics to reflect on what apologetics looks like in the real world as opposed to a simply theoretical model.

McGrath really wrestles with the definition of apologetics.  As apologetics has taken a more prominent role in the church, it has taken on such a wide meaning that it now means almost nothing.  McGrath differentiates apologetics from evangelism, although they have an important relationship.  Neither is apologetics a set of arguments, but rather is reflection on Christian truth and respectful conversation with others to clarify what the Gospel is and responding to misrepresentations…


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