The Anti-Star Trek Convention

by Greg West

startrekhelmetI’m proud to announce that next month I will be attending the first ever Anti-Start Trek Convention. Why will I be attending such an event? I’ll tell you—because I am sick and tired of all these Trekkie nut jobs running around talking about how much they love Star Trek–What a great TV show it was, what great movies they are, and how Star Trek is good for society because it raises awareness of things like science, space exploration, treating aliens like we would want them to treat us, blah blah blah… Don’t these people know how ridiculous they’re being?!?

Life on other planets? Really? Don’t these Trekkies know that there is no scientific proof of aliens or life on other planets —or that there is no scientific proof even one other planet besides Earth capable of supporting any life whatsoever?! They have the gall to call Star Trek ‘science fiction’ when it clearly belongs in the ‘fantasy genre’ (Vulcan mysticism… HELLOOOO?), right up there with Lord of the Rings and other such fairy tales. By the way, have you ever noticed how much Spock resembles an elf and is actually just a retelling of other ancient myths of dying and rising elves?

Special guest speakers at the Anti-Star Trek Convention will include: Blanchard Hawkins, author of The Trekkie Delusion; Histopher Critchens, author of Spock Is Not Great: How Star Trek Poisons Everything, and Sham Ferris, author of Letter to a Trekkie Planet. One other very special guest will be Al Ien, a former Trekkie and gardener who once worked for, and was treated very badly by William Shatner.

Lectures will include:

  • The Evil Gene Roddenberry: Why Star Trek is evil and Gene Roddenberry does not deserve to be worshipped as its creator.
  • The Schizophrenic Leonard Nimoy: ‘I Am Not Spock’ to ‘I Am Spock’—Make up your Vulcan mind already!
  • Get A Life: Move out of your parents’ basement!
  • Unintelligent Design: Star Trek is not science nor was it designed (it just LOOKS that way)
  • Spock Is Dead: How the ‘Genesis Wave’ could not possibly have resurrected Spock.
  • Fascinating Yet Disturbing: If Trekkies love logic so much, then why are they Trekkies?

I hope you will join me as we celebrate out mutual hatred of everything Star Trek and how smart we all are compared to those stupid Trekkies!


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