The Chicken Test

by Josh Fults

Yesterday, a friend and I briefly discussed a new book that was released in the Christian market about marriage. I was anticipating reading this book in the near future, as it was highly endorsed by several ministers I greatly respect. My friend pointed me to a review of the book, and I was disconcerted by much of its content. My beliefs about marriage stood in steep contrast to what the book communicated.

I greatly enjoy reading, and there is a fine sampling of books to read about Christianity, life, marriage, etc. available out there that correspond to my worldview and understanding of God. There are wonderful pieces of literature aplenty that are consistent with an orthodox Christian belief system. Yet, there are plenty of books out there which are wrapped in a thin veneer of Christianity that espouse principles that go counter to what Jesus taught. For every theologically sound piece of literature there are several that diverge from it. Sometimes, even authors that I love deviate slightly from what I feel is accurate teaching.

As consumers, we take in vast amounts of information daily; whether it is filling a pew at church, listening to someone communicate through a podcast, watching television or reading the latest book. It is often easy to absorb information and assimilate it into our thought catalogue without really processing what we are receiving…


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