Are Christians Supposed To Think?

by Dr. Marvin Bittinger

perf5.500x8.500.inddThe focus intent of my book, The Faith Equation, is to use the mind to probe evidence for coming to Christian faith. Evidence is presented primarily in a framework of mathematics, though there is an immense amount of evidence that lies outside this realm.

Numerous theologians, among them Dallas Willard, J. P.Moreland, and William Lane Craig, implore Christians to admit the mind into their faith. Moreland writes in his book Love Your God With All Your Mind, “… how unusual it is for Christian people to be taught how to think carefully and deeply about what they believe and why they believe it. … Judged by the scriptures, church history, and common sense, it is clear that something has gone desperately wrong with our modern understanding of the value of reason and intellectual development for individual discipleship and corporate church life.” For non-Christians Moreland also asserts, “… faith is built on reason. We [non-Christians] should have good reasons for thinking that Christianity is true before we [non-Christians] dedicate ourselves completely to it.” I so support the views of these theologians that I have coined the following as a motto for this book:

God says, “I gave you a brain! Use it in my defense! I know I can stand the test!”

Those looking for an extensive and critical interpretation of the Bible and its historicity will not find it in the Faith Equation, though there are wide-ranging references to Biblical topics. Those looking for an in-depth treatment of the philosophical foundations of mathematics will not find it here, nor will they find an axiomatic mathematical system that seeks to “prove” theorems regarding Christianity. What the reader will find is one mathematician’s journey as he enhances his faith by applying mathematics. The journey sometimes takes a story approach as the author intersperses day-to-day spiritual struggles amid situations where mathematics can be brought to bear in defense of the faith.


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