Christianity: Bolted to Reality

by Gregory Koukl

reality checkThe other night a friend was telling me about a friend of hers who was quite disdainful of Christianity. It reminded me of a whole raft of people who are dismissive of theism generally and Christianity specifically.  Nowadays, they’re not dismissive in a passive kind of way, but people like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett the new wave of atheists are taking shots at Christianity and are doing so quite aggressively. This is one of the big obstacles facing us, in the U.S. at least, as we represent Christ as ambassadors. 

We have the so-called “new atheists”— no new argument, really, just a lot of new attitude. We also have the situation with Islam, and the concern with postmodernism and the emerging church; all areas that we need to address as a church. STR is taking a particular look at these worldviews. We want to be a place to come to for answers about these things.

Here’s a reflection on the so-called new atheists. Some people have this idea that theism, in general, and Christianity, in particular, is just a house of cards. They are utterly dismissive. As Bill Maher says, “If you believe in religion, it’s a mass psychosis. You’re out of your mind! You’re crazy!” Richard Dawkins has essentially said that people shouldn’t be allowed to believe crazy things. Sam Harris has the same disdain.

Their arguments are quite shallow, though.  Often they attack what people who claim to be Christians do, they over blow the significance of that, and then dismiss the Christianity these people say they represent. The critics never ask the question of whether these people who do these evil or unpleasant things are actually representing the thing they’re rejecting, Biblical Christianity, the teachings of Jesus, the Judeo-Christian worldview. 

Christianity can’t be dismissed that easily. It just isn’t going to go away…


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