Common Questions, with Answers

Thomistic Bent

search08coToday I present comments that have been generated on other blog posts and the Christian responses to them.

“It simply does not make sense if there is a God, intelligent force, cosmic consciousness etc., that everything should not be a part of that ‘God’ and that we are all spiritual beings having a material existence and we never lose our spirituality, or are rejected.
Just as you can’t be ‘half pregnant’ neither can God embrace some and reject others simply because of what they believe.”

If when this says “everything should not be a part of ‘God’” it suggests that all of created matter (planets, rocks, trees, humans) is a part of God, then Christianity would disagree. What is made of matter is finite and has a beginning, and God is infinite and has no beginning, therefore God is not part of the created world of nature. Instead, the created world relates to God as a painter to a painting.

Next, regarding the makeup of humans, the Bible teaches that we are a spirit-body unity (see 1 Cor. 15). Both our spirit and body are what makes up ”us.”

Next, God is perfectly holy, but is also perfectly just. Humans have all sinned against this holy God (Romans 3:23)  and God would not be just if he merely ignored our crimes against him. But the good news is that Jesus paid the price for our crime, and thus we can accept or reject God’s provision. So in fact God can indeed accept or reject people based on what they believe, but there’s more to the story…..the basis for that belief is not something irrelevant, but rather boils down to the core of who God is.

“Anyone who believes in absolutes, Truth/Lie or Black/White or Right/Wrong is going to have a problem. In reality life is very often grey.”

While it is true that many decisions in life are not very clear in what we should do, it does not follow that because of this, there are no absolutes. If one were to say ‘there are no absolutes’ they would actually be saying, ‘it is absolutely true that there are no absolutes’ which is a self-refuting statement…


Common Questions, with Answers | Thomistic Bent



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