Genetic Evidence: The Achilles Heel of Mormonism

by Melissa Travis

Mormon JesusThe rapidly growing body of evidence from molecular anthropology has fatally undermined certain teachings of Mormon (LDS) scripture and founding prophet Joseph Smith. This calls the rest of LDS doctrine into question, as the Book of Mormon is touted by Mormons as the most correct text in existence and is the keystone of their faith.

According to LDS teaching, an ancient Hebrew family fled, by boat, to an uninhabited land in Central America in 589 B.C. The father of this family, Lehi, had two sons, Nephi and Laman. A division occurred between the two brothers, and a battle between them, along with their respective supporters, ensued. Jesus Christ allegedly appeared to them, bringing 200 years of peace. After that period, the Lamanites, a people described as being idle, full of mischief, and having black skin, destroyed the Nephites, a sophisticated people with light skin. The Lamanites, a remnant of the house of Israel, ultimately became the principal ancestors of Native Americans. This account is taught as church doctrine by the Mormon church and is considered factual history.

This LDS model of North American population origins suffers from serious problems whenever scientific data is taken into consideration. Genetic fingerprinting, carried out through techniques such as Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis, can show the genetic relationship between different groups of people by detecting common ancestry and approximate divergence dates. The conclusion of extensive research in this field, known as molecular anthropology, is that Native American populations show no evidence of having a Hebrew origin. DNA analysis has revealed that 99.4% of the Native American tribes scattered throughout North and South America have mtDNAand Y chromosome DNA from the northern part of East Asia, in the vicinity of Siberia. The other 0.6% of Native Americans show European or African mtDNA lineage, most of which came after Christopher Columbus…


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