Jesus, Hugh Hefner, and the Heart

by Josh Fults

heart-comes-evilHugh Hefner is a name, regardless of one’s worldview, that the vast majority of people are familiar with. One might call him the quintessential playboy, despite the fact that he is in his mid 80’s. He has been selling sex, lust, and smut for over fifty years. At what cost has he built his pornographic empire? I would argue, along with many others, at the devaluing of women and a disregard for the sacredness of sexuality. He has done much to debase sexuality; reducing it to an act based simply on titillating the senses.

Last week Hefner’s son, Marston Hefner, pleaded no contest to charges of domestic violence against his girlfriend and playboy playmate, Claire Sinclair. It seems apparent that there is a logical connection between Marston’s actions and the environment he was immersed in. This is not to say that due to Marston’s environment he had no choice but to abuse or act violently against his girlfriend. Instead, it is an affirmation that one’s worldview, or outlook on life, lead to behavior. That is, our attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts eventually lead to actions.

Marston Hefner was taught to devalue women, so should one be incredibly shocked when he does just that? Ideas have consequences. Worldview always leads to action. Thoughts and behaviors are inextricably linked. Why is there surprise when sex is desacralized, women are devalued, and violence results? Marston was just living out the tenets of his worldview…


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