My Rejoinder to My Unreasonable "Anonymous" Commenter

by Rob Lundberg

the_reason_rallyWell, my Anonymous commenter is back and not showing much reason in his arguing why my "brothers and sisters in arms" and I should not attend the Reason Rally this coming March 24th.  As I mentioned in my previous "Leaky Bucket" posting, that much of the rhetoric that is espoused by groupies like this commenter. hails out of the writings of Dawkins, Harris,  Dennett and what I suspect the new fourth horseman, P. Z. Meyers.  It is emotional, vitriolic and not demonstrative of any good use of reason.   That’s right reason (and these folks are spear heading a Reason Rally).

"I’ll try one more time: Reasons NOT to show up and evangelize at the Reason Rally:

(1) You respect the rights of others to be different from you. Freedom of religion is also freedom from religion. On a few special occasions like the reason rally, it could mean freedom from being accosted by evangelical strangers."

This comment on respect is a red herring.  This is not about respect as much as it is on truth matters.  At the same time, our desire is to handle each conversation the Lord allows us to partake in with utmost “gentleness and respect.”  We respect the rights of others.  We respect the right for atheists to assemble and we  expect that from them for us to be on the outskirts of the rally.

Folks, this is a free country.  One is free to assemble peaceably, speak freely within certain parameters.  One has the right to believe or disbelieve in a God who is transcendent, personal, absolute in power, knowledge, presence and love.    The problem with this appeal from my ‘anonymous commenter‘ is that he/she is trying to put up an emotional and imaginary “do not disturb” sign so that we who are “immature” and deemed delusional do not rain on their rally.  

We will not be there to pick an argument or raise our voices.  We will be there to share with whomever be willing to ask questions or engage in a cordial dialogue.  We have things to offer for anyone wanting to accept or reject, be it a booklet, bottled water, or an opportunity for a conversation, with no questions asked.  What is the problem with that?   We cannot read the “do not disturb” sign because the sign is not there.


The Real Issue: My Rejoinder to My Unreasonable "Anonymous" Commenter

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