PZ Myers and Atheists Invited to Church

by Blake Anderson

you_re_invitedSo is it now OK for groups of us to come visit you in your places of worship and do the same thing? Atheists have studiously avoided this in the past but you seem to want to up the ante.” ~Email to TrueReason.org

Yes. Please do. We invite atheists to our churches. In response to strong demand, True Reason is planning the first annual Atheists at Church Day. Ratio Christi is one of the organizations supporting TrueReason.org, which is coordinating a response to the secular “Reason Rally” in Washington D.C. Atheists in the blogosphere are contending that Christians should not attend the rally. We have taken the feedback from atheists quite seriously. They have suggested that if we plan to attend their The Reason Rally, then we should expect atheists to attend our churches. Since we still plan to attend The Reason Rally, we want to take the appropriate step of making sure that we warmly welcome atheists to attend our churches to open up a reasoned discourse. At most churches, atheists are welcome every week. However, we wanted to offer a special invitation to make sure they know they are welcome.

To support this effort, TrueReason.org is proposing that churches across the country open their doors to atheists for an event to begin discussions between Christians and atheists. Specifically, we are calling on churches to coordinate an Atheists at Church Day. Details may be found at http://www.truereason.org/atheist-day/. We hope that many churches and many atheists will participate.

Well known atheist, PZ Myers wrote on his blog, Pharyngula,

I’m beginning to feel like my long-standing personal policy of not intruding on their church services needs to be questioned, because man, is this ever arrogant and obnoxious. 

So that Dr. Myers knows that he also is welcome, a personal invitation has been sent to him inviting him to church. A copy of that letter is attached below. This is a sincere and standing invitation and we hope that he has an opportunity to take us up on the offer with the desire that he will take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions relevant to his disagreements with Christianity. As reason is the premise of the rally, we desire a reasoned dialogue.

Of course we want this interaction to be done in a respectful way. Several of the responses to the Christian presence at the rally seemed to suggest that they are expecting, and thus want to respond with, belligerence…


PZ Myers and Atheists Invited to Church | Ratio Christi

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