Reasonable Faith

Admiral Creedy

evidence stampThe idea of religious faith, particularly that Christian faith that I and many others hold, is under constant ridicule and occasional attack. For various reasons, in various ways, by various means, to varying extremities. The notion that faith is permissible in this modern, enlightened, secular world is often bewildering.

Yet I, and millions of Christians, would say we actually have a very reasonable faith.

In the West, noise has been made over the past few years by the so-called ‘New Atheists’, men like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens. These intelligent, articulate people – and others – have launched attack and challenge at religious faith, especially (or at least it seems in the nominally secular UK) Christian faith.

But what is it that they are attacking?

Richard Dawkins, often seen as the leader of this charge, wrote the following in his book "The God Delusion";

"Faith (belief without evidence) is a virtue. The more your beliefs defy the evidence, the more virtuous you are" (p. 199 or location 3304 in Kindle)

The existence of God is an issue that divides people, about which opposite views can rationally be held. Faith and reason, I would contend, are not opposites, and thus neither are faith and evidence. Put simply, the factual element is the object of faith…


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