Reasons For Belief: Mind and Morality

by Robert Paul Vicars IV

moral-mindIf I had a nickel for each time someone told me that I’m only Christian because I was born in America, I’d probably have at least 77 cents (hmm?).  The genetic fallacy aside, this statement assumes that I, or other Christians in America, don’t have a positive reason for being Christian.  Actually, there was a period in my life when I didn’t.  But that is no longer the case.  One day I got less-lazy and began to research what I believe and why.  When I did, I found that there is a wealth of evidences that support faith—evidences to suit any ilk—scientific, philosophical, experiential, moral, historical…  My plan is to describe what I find the most convincing and link to other online or print resources for some of the other “ilks” above.  (While I would appreciate it if you finished reading my post, I’ll understand if you scroll down and exercise your right to clicky-clicky).

There are two things that we all are intimately familiar with, and generally take for granted.  Both of which, when considered more deeply, require God.  They are your truth-seeking mind and your justice-seeking sense of morality.1

Any given second your mind is processing inputs from your 5 senses.  Some inputs are saved, some are just reacted to, some are ignored, some are considered.  The mere fact that these sensory perceptions provide us truth about the world around us, requires explanation.  And that is the easy question.  The more difficult question—to even understand, let alone answer—is what our minds do with this information.  It is absolutely amazing that your mind can take all of this present sensory information, recall past thoughts and experiences, CREATE alternatives (which are variances of the future) and CHOOSE between them.  Minds can, without direct external stimuli,










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