Religious Pluralism and the God of 31 Flavors

by Paul Gould

31 flavorsFor my last post in my series on defeater beliefs for Christianity, I want to consider the claim that there is no one true religion. First, a little episode from my past: The little pamphlet read “Come Grill the Christian.” I was the Christian and student group I was with was inviting any students who would come to do the “grilling.” The idea, as we prepared for an afternoon meeting (a few years ago) at the University of Toronto was that everybody likes a good fight, and that Christianity, as the truth, can withstand any attack. There I was, a young philosopher, mixed with a bit of fear, excitement, and faith, waiting for the meeting to begin. As the meeting time drew close, the room began to fill. I realized I would be forced to actually open my mouth and defend Christianity to this eager looking group of students (did I see him lick his lips?). I began the meeting with a very brief description of what it means to be a Christian, and then I opened up the floor and invited anyone to ask a question. At first, the questions were fairly predictable. But, toward the end, as I began to think I was going to make it out of this meeting without my head between my tail, a student began to question the nature of God and the claim that Christianity is the one true religion. He got more and more forceful until he finally concluded (and this was, at rock bottom his reason for not believing in God): “I refuse to believe in that kind of God. God is a God of mercy and love, not a God of judgment and exclusivity.” (That is, God would never allow a good (even religious) person to go to hell just because he didn’t believe in Jesus)…


Religious Pluralism and the God of 31 Flavors | Paul Gould



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