Keith Green and Dartmouth Thirty Years On

by Kevin Belmonte*

Greg’s Note: This video was not originally included as part of the post below but I thought it poignant to the article and decided that it would compliment it nicely. Coming in at just over one hour, I hope you will watch it when you have the time- especially if Keith Green’s life, music, and witness for Christ has been as influential to your Christian walk as it has mine.


It’s been nearly thirty years since singer/songwriter Keith Green died in a tragic plane crash. I was eighteen when I heard the news, and deeply saddened by his loss. I had just started work for the summer at Phillips Exeter Academy, and at one point that afternoon I had to stop the mowing tractor I was driving because the tears came on again.

For two years, Keith’s music had helped me chart my journey of faith. Like many, I subscribed to his ministry newsletter, followed updates on album releases, and hoped that sometime, his touring schedule might bring him near to where I lived.

His passing changed all that, and I’ve a bittersweet memory of receiving a postcard from his concert advance team, mailed out just before the crash. Would I be interested in serving as a volunteer for Keith’s upcoming concert at Dartmouth College? It was his practice to tell concertgoers about the way to faith. Would I be willing to be a counselor, and speak with other young people following Keith’s concert?

Looking back on it now, I wish I still had that postcard, lost in a move during my time at college. But all these years later, I received an unexpected gift that allowed me to revisit that time of my life, and Keith Green’s music…


Keith Green and Dartmouth Thirty Years On – Hieropraxis


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