Striving to Hear Arguments with Fresh Ears

Truthbomb Apologetics

fresh earsAs I continue to consider the arguments for and against the existence of God, I am reminded of the importance of forcing oneself to hear these arguments with "fresh ears." Allow me to explain.

As someone who continually weighs and considers the truth of Christianity, I confess that sometimes it easy to fall into the trap of dismissing an argument simply because I have heard it before. For example, when considering the teleological argument for God’s existence, it seems that one can almost guarantee that the challenge of the multi-verse will arise. As someone who finds this argument to be utterly unconvincing, it can be tempting to simply think, "Oh, here we go again."

However, lately I have been reminded that if my ultimate goal is discover that which is true, I must be willing to hear arguments with "fresh ears" and be willing to challenge my own presuppositions; even if I’ve heard these arguments time and time again. If what I believe is really true [which I obviously feel it is or I wouldn’t believe it!] then continually critiquing it and questioning it can only strengthen my convictions.

Moreover, it is not only important for the Christian to strive to hear arguments with "fresh ears;" but no matter what one’s worldview is, they should strive to challenge their presuppositions as much as possible and follow the evidence wherever it leads…


Truthbomb Apologetics: Striving to Hear Arguments with "Fresh Ears"



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