Why is There Something Instead of Nothing?

by Rich Deem


Introduction: A theist and anti-theist are arguing about the existence of God. The theist has discussed the anthropic principle (that the universe is designed to support human life), but isn’t getting very far and decides to use his "ultimate" question to stump the atheist; "Why is there something instead of nothing?" Instead of getting the blank stare he expects, the theist is bombarded with a slew of science that "proves" that universes can be created from nothing. The theist is left stammering—defeated again by science and logic. Should Christians pack up their Bibles and go home?

The "Nothing": Back in 1984 there was a movie called The NeverEnding Story, followed by a few ill-advised sequels. In the story, "The Nothing" was destroying the imaginary world of Fantasia, which was saved by a little boy’s imagination. A modern version of the movie might feature the new atheism’s imaginary worlds, which are created by the "nothing," although this "nothing" also includes more than a little imagination and some slight-of-hand by its proponents.

The science: Is it really true that entire universes can appear from nothing? This "science" is based upon the real science of quantum mechanics, which has shown that particles can appear from "nothing" and disappear into "nothing." Atheist scientists say that "nothing" is unstable and spontaneously produces somethings. Although the statement is true in a limited sense, atheists aren’t telling you the whole story…


Why is There Something Instead of Nothing?



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