I believe in science! Why do I need religion?!

by Scott Youngren

I-Believe-in-Science-Why-Do-I-Need-ReligionI was amused to discover the following statement at an atheist website:

…I do believe that is why science will eventually do away with the need for religion. Our available information grows at astounding rates, even the most out of touch person today knows more about the world and the universe than the most intelligent of people 1,000 years ago. Science will only continue to expand while religion will only continue to recede. The need and usefulness of religion, not to even mention credibility, is shrinking and baring wildly unusual events, it will continue on that progression.

And if I were to encounter such a comment in the course of everyday conversation, my off-the-cuff reply would be, “What an interesting—but self-defeating—RELIGION you have!”  Atheists are fond of depicting the God debate as a conflict between science and religion…and of declaring that they have scientific views, but no religious views. But this is nothing more than clever sleight-of-hand.

The God debate is a conflict of religion versus religion, or philosophy versus philosophy…not of science versus religion.

What sort of religious beliefs do atheists hold?  A prominent religious belief within atheist thought is known by sociologists and psychologists as “scientism,” which holds that the only kind of knowledge that humans can have is scientific knowledge (I also discuss scientism in If the Evidence for God Is So Strong, Why Are So Many Smart People Unconvinced?).  Philosopher Mikael Stenmark discusses the problems with this religious view in his book Scientism: Science, Ethics and ReligionAs Stenmark points out, the key problem with the premise that “we can only know what science can tell us,” is that this very premise is something that science cannot tell us.  It is a self-defeating premise…


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