Is Christ Truly Arisen? 3 False Claims About The Resurrection


Investigating tombWith the Easter holiday just ending yesterday, I’m sure you hear several times that Jesus is alive. But what does this mean?

Like a literal alive or a metaphorical alive?

As a Christian, this is, by far, the single most important doctrine of Christianity that cannot be altered in anyway.

Jesus died and rose again (came back to life). Since this idea is so critical to Christianity, it shouldn’t be a surprise why Christ’s resurrection is often criticized as never happening (making the whole Christian faith a sham, 1 Corinthians 15:17). However, none of these claims are true and Christ really is risen!

As I sort of discussed last week, Christ’s death was important for us because He was the perfect, unblemished, pure sacrifice for all the sins of all mankind of all time. However, Jesus Christ had to die, as that is the punishment of sin, as said in Romans 6:23. The unique thing about Christ’s death is that He didn’t die and that was it. He came back to life, showing that sin is defeated through him! Of course, Christ’s death is only meaningful if he arose again, proving His claims that He is God and that He is capable of forgiving all sins.

The claims of Jesus Christ were in a crash course with the ideals of the Jews and the Romans, giving those two groups all the motive they need to dismiss the idea of an arisen Christ. Many theories have been developed over time of what actually happened to Christ, all of which claim He never actually died. Again, this is the most important point of these false claims: To prove that Jesus didn’t actually rise from the dead, nullifying His teachings.

The first theory is that Jesus didn’t actually die.

They say he passed out into a coma, came out of the coma 3 days later, moved the tombstone and appeared to the disciples. I believe this is the least popular theory (behind the one that Jesus never existed) that Jesus didn’t actually die. Remember, Jesus was fully human too. He needed to eat food, drink water and use the bathroom like us. He also felt pain and emotion like we do…


Is Christ Truly Arisen? 3 False Claims About The Resurrection – TAYA



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